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The advantage for our clients

Exploring our region in personalised guided tours, allowing you to choose you ideal future home.

Our added value

Orientation tours organised according to your particular needs, demands and criteria. You explore the region before choosing your future home location.

The tour includes visits to properties or apartments corresponding to your search criteria so as to give you a look at objects available on the market.

All members of our team are able to answer your questions on the local real estate market and the specificities of tenancy law.

We address with you all the aspects of your future establishment in the region.

You will discover the city and its different neighbourhoods as well as the suburbs, with all the factors that constitute the excellent quality of life in our region.

You will receive an information kit containing - among other things - guides, maps, explanations and useful links.


The advantage for our clients

Finding accommodation in the shortest possible time, taking account of my specific criteria

Our added value

Our capacity to find the desired accommodation in a difficult environment, while respecting the tastes and criteria of our clients.

Our strategy: taking account of all your key criteria and offering you rapidly the opportunity of visiting suitable properties.

Our in-depth knowledge of the real estate market guarantees you the best results. 

Seeking accommodation with Lake Relocation:

  • Our constantly updated database enables us to pre-select the suitable properties and rapidly organise visits in function of your availability
  • You are accompanied on each visit, and a detailed description of the property is given to you along with an orientation map
  • We prepare your application file and facilitate its acceptance
  • We help you in establishing the lease, rental guarantee and insurances as well as in analysing the conditions of the lease
  • Our services also include keys delivery, check-in inventory, the procedures for connecting to the utilities (water, gas and electricity), internet, telephone, and the coordination of any works required
  • We help you find out about your new neighbourhood, public transport, local shops and shopping centres, sports facilities and so on


The advantage for our clients

For lack of time it is often difficult for you to seek permanent accommodation before your arrival or the start of your mission.

Furnished accommodation is an advantageous temporary solution to begin with and get used to your new environment.

We suggest you stay in a furnished apartment until you have defined your future needs. 

Our added value

Lake Relocation manages a pool of high-quality furnished apartments that are available rapidly at favourable conditions.  All are located in the centre of Geneva. They are modern, very high standing, and ready to welcome you.

If you are short of time we can look for the desired object on your behalf.

Please click here for all requests for reservation or additional information on our furnished apartments


The advantage for our clients

Enrolling your children in the school that best fits their needs.

Our added value

We have all the information needed for choosing the best school, detailing the differences and characteristics of the public and private institutions.

We organise and accompany you to visits and meetings in the institutions of your choice. 


Lake Relocation offers you an à-la-carte service when you leave your accommodation and/or the region.

The advantage for our clients

Handling all the formalities and steps required when leaving.

Our services include:

  • Terminating the rental agreement/lease
  • Organising the move
  • The exit inventory
  • Cancellation of your current contracts and subscriptions
  • Coordination of maintenance work
  • Release of the rent guarantee 

Lake Relocation SA also assists you when you change accommodation (moving within the region)  


Within the scope of a relocation contract our clients benefit from support via our help-line for 8 weeks.

Our strengths

  • Our great experience
  • Our perfect knowledge of the needs of our expatriate clients
  • Top-class service at favourable rates.
  • The satisfaction of our clients